Why Republicans SUCK!

Warning: Strong language…

And why Democrats are so wrong.

Okay, this is going to be some heady stuff. So, get yourself a cup of coffee or some tea or, hell, pour yourself something stronger!

I’ll wait.

You are about to enter “The Reality Zone.”

Prepare to have your mind blown.

Let’s start with the FACT that Republicans are NOT conservatives! They are radicals. And they are extremists. Nothing about them is “conservative.”

Oh they will swear up and down—and left and right—that they are but, you know as well as I that they have turned lying into an art form. Republican leaders, to whom they pledge their unwavering—and blind—loyalty are leading them into the deepest reaches of denial and self deception. They love it.


This isn’t likely to change in the near or distant future either because, if they do change, they will have to admit they’ve been wrong and duped and unAmerican for a very long time!

The new orange.

President Fuckface is the biggest wolf in sheep’s clothing we have ever seen. Not only is he not a conservative, he’s not even a Republican!

As a lifelong Democrat, Trump infamously announced that if he didn’t get the GOP nomination, he would consider running as an independent—which would dilute the Republican vote. We could have had a Republican President that believed in their oath and the Constitution.

But no.

Individual states dismissed some real—and smart—Republicans to edge them out of the race. Trump convinced the GOP base about his “business prowess,” despite him being a RINO (Republican In Name Only).

I love the poorly educated.”—Trump, in Nevada

And even the Republican leadership knew the intelligence level of their electorate.

And they bought it.

Hook, line, sinker and friggin’ pole! Some Republicans suspected something was “up” with his business claims—giving rise to the “Never Trump” movement. And for a fleeting New York moment, they had some commitment to our Founding Father’s vision of American honor.

You know, an awful lot of honorable people have died for that Constitution.

But, relying on the nature of people to be forgiving—yes, even Republicans—Hair Trumpenfuhrer plowed ahead with a never-before-seen marketing extravaganza—including made-in-China Red Hats—and those who would have normally staid their ground gave in to the desire to simply win.

A win, no matter what, even at the cost of failing our most sacred tenants, which they claim to hold so dear.

After all, he told them he was a “winner.” And Republicans, knowing fully his history of supporting liberal views (including donations to Hillary Clinton) bought it. And bought into it Bigly.

The Democrats.

Fooled as well by the renaissance “high” from two terms of the nation’s first black President, Democrats overwhelmingly backed a tainted candidate seemingly bereft of intellect by some of her decisions—an astounding development for someone billed as being a brilliant individual.

But Hillary Clinton made huge (yuuge?) errors in handling the nation’s business while she was Secretary of State namely, those pesky email servers.

Add to that WAY too many infringements of reason—Benghazi security (even though it was the Republicans who wouldn’t grant the budget for increased protections some eight months earlier), earlier insults to coal mining blue collar workers and racial improprieties with blacks—and she was done before she ever started her campaign!

Despite these foibles and faux pas, and suffering as well from an independent challenger aiding with her credibility issues, Democrats also followed their flawed candidate—without question and without a clue.

What is wrong with you people?

It is these weaknesses, of candidates and parties, that were exploited by the unscrupulous Master of Misdirection, the Prince of Pee, the Donald.

Take these true problems of Hillary’s, add a bunch of unfounded charges, mix briskly with several liters of lies, and you have a certified con man standing right next to her, actually looking pretty good—even as he showed his ignorance and a questionable grasp on reality.

Democrats just wouldn’t believe such a slimy sham could be Pussygrabber-in-Chief—and stayed away from the polls in large numbers. They trusted in Republicans to do the right thing!

And Republicans, they couldn’t stop themselves from abandoning their morals and their scruples—in order mark up a win.


Republican women gave up their self respect, endorsed the worst of misogyny and crass behavior—and voted for Trump anyway! A female friend of mine calls them “dumb cunts.” I agree with her, despite the fact I am not allowed to use that word!

Republican cunts (whoops!) fell for the insincere pleadings of a man who promised to love them “this time” as a Republican. And since then, he’s been trying to stop healthcare for women.

Like any time an abuser abuses, women must walk out of the door.

But, they didn’t.

Instead, they threw the vote, hoping Trump was only a “little pregnant” and not accepting what their eyes told them was a two-timing media whore who would say anything to get to home plate, the Oval… Office.

Little did any Republicans, male or female, know what they were truly doing when they handed this small minded man the keys to America’s ferocious nuclear arsenal. Well, I’ve got news for you nutjobs: it’s YOUR sons and daughters Trump will be sending to the battlefield in a conventional war.

And it’s YOU who are going to lose everything you have should he order up a nuclear strike—which he is itching to do—disintegrating potentially millions of people and collapsing our economy with a single press of the red button.

No one wins a nuclear war.

And that BLACK man in the WHITE House, the Nemesis of Nuthood, with a healthcare plan—designed originally by Mitt Romney—fired up the GOP base with not a clue of what they would lose if it was really in the hands of a cold-hearted, profit-centered, cost-cutting corporate cock who thinks only he has the answers. “Corporations may be people, too” but, the United States of America is a government—and treating it like “a business” is not what the Constitution says.


It’s “complicated.”

There is a reason he wouldn’t tell anyone about the fantastic, amazing, incredible, beautiful and wonderful plans he “has” to Make America Great Again. They simply didn’t exist! But Republicans, knowing everything else, chose to believe in him like a Christ. 

The thought that he was going to build a “great wall” and make another country pay for it was ludicrous and a really good indicator of insanity. Mexico even told us before the election that they “wouldn’t pay for a fucking wall,” just like the many people and companies Trump didn’t pay while running his business!

It’s not like Republicans didn’t know this: Trump told us repeatedly that’s what he did—and how smart he was to do it, along with paying little or no taxes! And now, guess who is really going to pay for that wall, if it’s actually built? What a surprise from the car salesman who assured us the transmission was just fine.


Republicans’ hatred of everyone who refuse to drink from the same Kool-aid jug they do have an insatiable need to be constantly redirected to new targets—to maintain their break from reality—although there’s always a special place in their “hearts” for liberals, “libtards” in their parlance (because it’s okay to make fun of the disabled), and the “Main Stream Media,” which does not include FoxNews by any audience measurement (I’ve worked at local broadcast television stations with more viewers in a single city than all of the FoxNews “network”).

The outrage for a Democrat-controlled Congress quickly switched to President BLACK GUY on the very afternoon of his first inauguration. Hillary Clinton was the replacement target the moment she announced her candidacy. Bernie Sanders was in the cross hairs  for a short time (until Trump pointed out Bernie would be helpful to them; they didn’t know until then!). And now, their hatred is aimed towards anyone who questions “their” President.

It is an exercise in pure bigotry, if bigotry can be “pure.” Blacks, women, Jews, muslims, gays, Mexicans …the list is apparently endless.

They desperately need an enemy.

Again, ignorance of the Constitution has them demanding no one speaking their mind. Their efforts to silence… protesters, the media or anyone on social media is in full swing (I am so proud of some of the true patriots I see speaking their mind to both power and Trump’s minions on Twitter).

And the Republican proletariat regularly goes on the attack with the self-righteous in full blame mode—even as they wrestle with their own victory!

Even Trump can’t stop attacking his former competitors!

And now, with an alarming number of sexual predators being recently outed at FoxNews, the little cable channel—a relatively small group of news consumers watching cable news channels, when compared to a real broadcast channel—the spokes-network for the GOP has realigned its programming to feed its still angry base.

Why are they still so angry, and why aren’t they keeping their promise to unite the country? Ohh that Kool-aid is harder to beat than nicotine and, frankly, they like themselves that way! They think it makes them look tough, although only to each other, and they’re just fine with complete disregard of the Constitution’s intent of government serving ALL of The People!

Da, Comrade.

In a scandalous flip flop, Republicans are now aligned with and supportive of Russia! The GOP leaders are blocking any attempts to investigate evidence of collusion and other treasonous crimes that are showing up in verified data around the globe—another piece of the picture that is slowly exposing the Republicans as unAmerican, unPatriotic and anti-Constitutional.

They will burn in hell.

Imagine the amount of money we have wasted on the Cold War and armaments as the Republicans led the “Red Scare” for all of those years!

And now they want to cuddle with their comrades?

Ohh Republicans, FUCK YOU!

That’s Putin America First!

They are just absolutely corrupted by their desire to stay in power. The ONLY way to “Make America Great Again” is to run it into the ground, first. This, from the people who, as recently as four years ago, were calling those who weren’t wearing a flag pin unpatriotic!

Let me tell you where to stick your your pin—and your FAKE patriotism—now.

Rule of Law.

I do have confidence in our FBI, our clandestine services and our States’ Attorneys General in prosecuting, outside of the Congress, these high Republican crimes.

It’s going to take some time because all of the ducks must be corralled and all of the paperwork must be perfectly correct to facilitate a win and put a lot of Republicans in the gulag—until they die!


Hang ’em high.

Some of them are going to wind up with a death sentence—for treason. I call for those Republicans to be hanged on the Capitol steps—in full HDTV—in line with their support of states killing to enforce US law. Then, and only then, we need to eliminate the immoral use of “Pro Life” tactics.

And you thought Nixon was bad!

Nixon was a beginner compared to our current Orange-in-Chief (I was there!). But the sanctity of the U.S. Constitution can be restored if we return to the lofty values of Democracy that established this “Shining City On A Hill.”

Yes, the changes are a-coming! And those that would disregard their oaths will suffer the consequences. The process will be long and arduous but, the reward will be Keeping America Great. And Frank Luntz will, most likely, be called upon once again to find what the next target of Republican outrage will be.

And that, my friends, is why Republicans will still SUCK! Bless their tiny little hearts.

This is your brain on Trump!

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