Reticent, Regretful, Redeemed?

In a pigs eye!

I am seeing, on Twitter, a whole slew of users saying—for the most part—”I voted for him and now I am so ashamed.” But to a man (or woman), the very next sentence is something like, “I didn’t know he was going to take away my [fill in life sustaining government benefit here].”

It’s astonishing this Flip Flop could be happening so quickly after Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States but, there it is—shortly after his first 100 days in the Oval Office.

There’s only one thing to say…

I can only think of the Zorro flick where Antonio Banderas’ brother character says, “That’s because you’re stupid.”

You see, these second thoughts aren’t from a patriotic corner. Nor are they from any personal responsibility to our nation—or even compassion for the less fortunate. No. These selfish anti-American, radical, extremist and racist Republican heathens are only suffering “buyer’s regret” because they, themselves, are going to lose something they wanted or needed to have!

They are disgusting.

Like all Republicans that bitch and moan about Federal spending, they’re only willing to allow it if it affects them: flooding, education, disaster relief …and the infamous “bridge to nowhere” or other necessary infrastructure.

Never mind about someone else’s children or grandparents—or even babies needing healthcare after they’re born. Republicans are just fine with taking something away from you as long as they get to keep theirs.

It’s complicated!

It’s not like the dreaded “Main Stream Media” (MSM) didn’t warn everyone about the kind of person Trump is—and it’s not like Trump himself didn’t tell you, at one time or another, what kind of trouble he would get all of us into.

Oh really? You only watch FoxNews wearing your foil-lined, Made-In-China, Red “MAGA” Hat? Well, you really screwed the pooch, didn’t you!

do hope that the readers of my blogs, this one and my previous AndThatsTheNews, understood what I’ve been telling you since he ascended down that Trump tower escalator just what a liar and a sham he really was!

Let’s see now, four million popular votes more than Trump; four million readers of mine? Could it be?


The investigation by former FBI Chief Mueller has commenced. And it’s going to be a rocky road as some NUTJOBS hold on to the idea that their Christ is beyond the law—and beyond reproach.

This won’t turn out well for them, or their psyche. As more of them turn away from the Dark Side of the Farce, we’re going to see more of that Buyer’s Remorse—and they’ll be looking for “forgiveness” from the rest of us.

NOT gonna happen!

La quenta por favor (“Check, please”)

Despite calls from those beautifully sensitive Liberals whom I do admire, there is no way I’m not going to bash Republican heads together. You know: the ones who think they deserve a pass on being galactically stupid and being a total ass about what they’ve done to our Democracy being uninformed and, well, stupid!

After their “win,” the masses, at least online, became the antithesis of gracious and, sorry to say, it’s time for a little payback! Call it what you will but, my plan is to rip some new flesh from anyone who comes looking for some sympathy.

Yessiree, I be bad.

I’m so confident of my abilities to win this little battle, I don’t even mind telling you my nasty little plan ahead of time! So, you’ve been forewarned. Feel free to join me on Twitter—if you wanna have a little fun with the crazies!

This is your brain on Trump!

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