REAL Conservatives

And how to be one!

Okay, here I go with another sobering article for you. And let’s get this straight again: Republicans are not “Conservatives”—despite claiming they are!

Republicans are radical and extremists (not to mention somewhat vile and most definitely, liars).

REAL Conservatives don’t LIE!

And there’s Point ONE! Part of being a real Conservative is maintaining your loyalty to the truth—to everything around you, and more importantly, to yourself. Call it “self-realization,” if you want to. But, whatever you want to call it, dedicating yourself to the real versus the fake is paramount—for a real Conservative.

This is the primary reason Republicans have so much trouble in maintaining not only their intelligence but, their reasoning, as well.

FoxNews, for example, has capitalized on this Republican weakness—and they’ve targeted an audience that isn’t so strong with The Force. As Obi Wan Kenobi taught his Padawan how easy it is to manipulate those with weak minds, “these aren’t the facts you’re looking for.”

And did you know that, in a proper survey a couple of years ago, a majority of some 64% of all “Main Stream Media” journalists were …wait for it …Conservatives? Yeah, like me.

Not as easy as it sounds.

When I was a very young man and asked my very Conservative Grandmother what the difference is between “Liberal” and “Conservative,” I got the shock of my little life! The answer was—brace yourself—”Liberals” want to help everyone without considering the ramifications—or the inherent cost of doing so.

And since I knew nothing about “costs” as a child, I thought helping everyone sounded pretty good! After all, that’s what you teach children and that’s what I was taught to do: help others. My parents preached it, my church preached it, even politicians on the ol’ black and white Zenith TV of the time preached it!

So, let’s get down to helping people, was my prime directive.

Then, the bombshell.

Grandma went on to explain how important my decisions were to everyone around me—and personal responsibility was, instantly, instilled in my young brain! But it got worse, much worse, from there. She continued, “If you could save every starving child in every corner of the world, what would  you do?”

Didn’t think about that for a second!

proudly determined that I had the absolutely correct answer: “I would save every one of them, Grandma!” She smiled. And then came “that look” of concern, where I knew there was a little bit more to it than I had been privy to, previously.

The horror of coming to grips with the considerations of her admonition upset me—for a long time. It seems that, when you “save starving children,” they live! And that means, they must be cared for as they join our society—for a lifetime, if we’re all lucky.

Her singular point was that “Conservatives,” albeit appearing to be as cold-hearted as can be, take everything into account—and not just their own feelings.

Practicality applies.

A real Conservative knows that it is, indeed, the right thing to do. But, there are medicines, food, clothing, housing, an education and a future job, to name just a few, which are the requirements necessary for saving the kids I had been so determined to save—at any cost.

My reaction was one of terror: the responsibility of saving a starving child I didn’t know, somewhere else in the world, was immense!

So, why can’t we do that, Grandma?

“That’s a goal we must all work towards, Sweetheart. We can save as many as we can now, though.”

Thank God, Grandma wasn’t near as bad as I had momentarily thought! This may have been the “most adult” lesson I had ever experienced to that point. It was mind blowing. And it just had to be disseminated to all of the people in my life!

I remember horrifying everyone around me for several weeks as I repeated THE ultimate question: “If you could feed every starving child….” And then explaining “how it all works.”

I dutifully put all of my efforts into describing the whole concept, recently learned, to my leetle ten year old friends, many of whom had called me some of the worst things I’ve ever been called—to this very day—because their parents taught them to “Save the Children.”

In the grand scheme of things…

Well, we haven’t reached that Star Trek-inspired, all-needs-met perfect world yet. I hope we do someday. Because, that really would be a perfect world, in my view.

I mean, who the fuck doesn’t want to save children? Starving children.

And how about starving American children?

love Liberals.

Liberals are the proof that mankind, itself, has heart and a soul. Liberals give me hope. And they’ve convinced me “we’re going to make it” as a species—if they maintain their position on saving people from, well, just about any injustice.

My only concern with the Liberal agenda, is that we can’t “do it all,” all at once. But, let’s keep moving in the right direction!

We. Need. Liberals.

And we need their forward-looking attitude if we’re going to have that ideal world—albeit not as fast as anyone would like! But, I’m not going to listen to the stupid arguments about not having a military or other moronic subjects of that ilk, where “if we just don’t spend money on defense” solves everything!

“NASA is another example,” I’ve been told …as they pulled out their smartphone, checking the weather from an orbiting satellite, while wearing textiles—also developed as a result of the space program.

If you’re “one of those” Liberals, just remember you wouldn’t have the freedom to even think the way you do if it weren’t for the battles already fought—and our warrior heroes, oh so many of whom that died—to afford you the right to have your opinions.

Of course, you wouldn’t have a computer or phone either!

I’m not “pro war” but, I also recognize that humans, in general, aren’t exactly cooperative with each other when there’s something to be gained by killing off the people you don’t agree with—or don’t like, for any ridiculously imbecilic juicy justification.

And the United States of America is a huge bulls eye for anyone threatened by truth, justice and freedom—no matter how imperfect ours is—at the moment. It’s unfortunate our weaponry has advanced to the point where great distance of targeting has been achieved and a “button” can replace the truly terrifying experience of killing the enemy or watching your fellow soldiers be killed on the battlefield but, that’s the way it is.

Maybe the old ways and a personal touch with the horrors of war would convince humankind not to do it! Still, it is what it is, and America requires a strong defense to survive.

And you know what? You can’t pay for all of this shit when you don’t collect taxes—especially from the people that can most afford them!

Do you understand, Sweetheart?

My grandmother had hope that you would.

hate Republicans.

Republicans that have the gall to say they have a handle on what it means to be a real Conservative. It absolutely makes me cringe when I hear them claiming they are like me—because I care, and they don’t. It’s all in Republican motivation.

And there’s no question about their motivations.

They aren’t interested in The People. And they aren’t interested in our country. What they are interested in, is power—and the money that goes with it.

It’s literally sickening.

No such thing as black and white!

There is only gray. Every “black guy” I’ve known personally is a shade of brown. I am beige, not white. And I’ve never met another human being that wasn’t a “work-in-progress” so, stuff your holier-than-thou selves in a place where the son don’t shine.

It’s exasperating when I come across some self-righteous Republican Fuck trying to convince me that they’re Conservative—when they are clearly not!

Just ask ol’ @captainken91.

Yes, the vast majority of Republicans are missing some gray matter—between their ears. And you know, there’s a reason my Twitter handle is @Republicants (since 2010). I love the intellect of my Liberal friends on Twitter (many are actually brilliant) and it actually scares me to see some, if not most, Republicants display their mental prowess online.

Remember when Grandma said, “We can save as many as we can?”

That’s key.

If you can do it, you FUCKING DO IT.

The Republicants’ list of “CAN’Ts” is mind boggling. I’d be typing all night long if I addressed them all, so I’ll mention just a few:

Planned Parenthood? Just the name “scares the bejesus out of every living ‘Christian’ soul” (yes, Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind). And although it’s been this way for many years, Planned Parenthood doesn’t use any of its government awards for abortion. Their primary purpose is healthcare.

Women—of all races and economics, Republicants and Democrat—rely on this organization for heathcare.

Baby healthcare, too!

Imagine the cognitive dissonance of Republicants being so concerned about a fetus in the womb—and not giving a flying fuck about the mother, pre-natal or a newborn, each of them needing medical care!

Abortion? I knew Henry Wade, the District Attorney of Dallas County. But, are you old enough to remember the violent Republicant protesters, mostly male, when they first started up at the Routh Street Clinic in Dallas, Texas, in the mid-1980’s? It was I who was the only reporter on the scene, for CBS News, until the rest of the outlets heard my reports.

Republicants invented violent protests.

Now, there is one thing I know and that is, no one really wants an abortion. It’s in their faces …and it’s undeniable. But, their reasons are theirs—and the law says what it says about that.

Mothers navigating this radical heart of hatred, into the building on a hot Texas morning, were abused—in possibly the most vile display I’ve ever seen from these repulsive Republicants. Oh, I did my job, because that’s what a network newsman does—no matter what—but this scene has affected me for my entire life.

Republicants be damned.

And why aren’t Republicants taking care of the children, the babies, that are already here? Uh, yeah.

Welfare, Food Stamps, Social Security and others? Some of us Americans  don’t have it as nice as President Fuckface or members of Congress. So, where are these “Christian Values” that Republicants scream about from their marble church steeples—when The People need some help?

A Senior, just yesterday, upon hearing the news that the Republicants were planning on cutting Social Security and his healthcare, made a run for a high balcony to escape this world. Yeah yeah, kudos to the police that stopped him but, Jesus Fucking Christ, why are the Republicants trying to scare the hell out of old people? Well? Is this their Death Panel idea in action?

It’s cruel, it’s irresponsible, and it’s unAmerican. Period.

And that Social Security money? You know, the money I paid into the system for all of my life? It’s mine. And, not surprisingly, I want it backSo, keep your grubby, grimy, Godless GOP fingers away from it!

And stop dipping into it to pay for things, off of the books!

Real Conservatives aren’t like Republicants.

And you certainly are not like usYou elected a game show host as President for Chrissakes and now, you had better start thinking about your country—even if he won’t.

The entire world is counting on you, and so are AmericansDon’t let The People down or you will have to answer to my Grandma—and she is on the acceptance panel in heaven! Think about that.

This is your brain on Trump!

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