Everybody hates the media!

THIS is what unites Republicans and Democrats?

Yeah. Big mistake, Americans!

If you’re “united” in hating the media, it translates to hating the 1st Amendment and, invariably, the Constitution itself.

Democrats are giving even more power to the Republicans to eliminate free speech—for everyone—by joining the Red Hats vilifying the media and trying to stop the free flow of information.

Take down or minimize the news media and we will no longer have the republic so many have worked so hard to preserve—and so many have died for.

Liberals are buying into the narrative there is a “main stream media” out to get us all.

Aim squarely at your own foot!

Liberals, don’t you see what the Republicans have started with Limbaugh and then Fox “news” to degrade confidence in reputable media? Are you just as stupid and gullible as the radical, extremist Republican Red Hat NUTJOBS?

I hope not. But it seems to be true.

Yes, the Liberals have jumped on the “I hate the media” wagon created by Republicans in the run up to taking over the government to “tear it all down.”

Not making America great!

Now, I can see why the Republicans hate the media: they want to destroy Democracy as we know it, in order to rebuild it—and “make America great AGAIN”—without the glare of newsprint, Klieg lighting and Canon lenses. Republicans think America totally sucks. It’s the most unpatriotic, unAmerican, unConstitutional position any party has ever promoted—in the entire history of the nation.

It does not escape me that, even with video tape of Republicans saying whatever it is they say, the Red Hats simply dismiss the truth.

And Republicans used to claim they were the real patriots. Now they’re the real enemy of Democracy itself (see my article “Memo To: All Journalists” to see how we got here).

What hath we wrought?

Liberals are making a yuge mistake in adopting the Republicans’ view of the media. By promoting and adapting to this message, the Liberals have joined the Republican party by de facto acceptance of media hatred.

It’s a single step away from one unified party with a common enemy—as told by a would-be dictator who is, in reality, building a wall to keep us all inside!

Oh, I know you think otherwise. But just look at you! You’ve allowed the Republican narrative of “bad media” to seep into your own philosophy.

That is your fault!

Liberals have lost their way. Not surprising given the complicated environment of politics today. I am, however, asking you to come back to Earth!

There’ no hope left for Republicans. Even us Constitutional Conservatives know this. Our only hope is for the Liberals to bail us all out—again! For a little refresher on what it means to be a Liberal, read my article on “How to be a REAL Conservative.”

I know, sounds kinda crazy! Trust me on this.

The media isn’t perfect.

My own experience and expertise comes from over forty years of being in “the mainstream media” (there’s your full disclosure; see my bio, above). I worked hard to maintain my lack of bias in my work (unlike on this blog) and I’m proud of the work that I did for all of those years.

Not once was I ever biased in my reporting. Believe it: that’s the job of a responsible reporter for a major network.

And, I can tell you, it’s not easy.

But, credit to where credit is due: I had the benefit of other news professionals helping to keep me on the tracks of honesty, integrity and truth.

That’s what real journalism is all about! Websites seldom have it. Blogs even less plausibly. Forget it from FoxNews.

Liberals have a new flavor of Kool-Aid.

And they’re drinking it up at an alarming rate. Consider this: Republicans have coined the term, “Mainstream Media.” Work this out in your head: is the mainstream of America stupid? Are the majority of Americans as dumb as a box of rocks?

Or are the vast majority of Americans thinking, honest, fair, reality-based and full of good ol’ common sense? There’s your answer! The mainstream media is all that—just like Americans, in general.

Know why? It’s because we are Americans, just like you. We work hard at our jobs, just like you. We want to do a good job, just like you. We want to earn your respect, just like you.

And we want to sleep at night.

Just. Like. You.

We make corrections—on ourselves.

Do you see the media correcting the mistakes that we make? Do you see the media making retractions? Do you see the media making updates?

Do you see the media trying to defend everyone else—especially those who don’t have a voice to defend themselves?

Really, who does that?

We’ll step into the line of fire to protect our sources. We’ll risk going to jail to do our job. We take a lot of verbal abuse, especially in the field. We get physically attacked. We get punched, slammed and shot at. And some of us die to report what’s going on, so you will know what our world is all about.

We don’t wear uniforms and we don’t carry rifles. Our only defense is a pen, some Press credentials …and sometimes, a gas mask (I’ve used all three).

We don’t have to do any of these thing but, we care about others and we care about the Constitution and this country—and that is the bottom line of journalists doing what we do.

But Liberals don’t trust us now.

Fine. You’re a Republican now.

We can deal with that. But, we’re also going to report on this (this is your first out-of-the-mainstream report, from a blog, no less).

The few Liberals who remain sane deserve to know that you have gone off the tracks—and drank the Republican Kool-Aid, becoming NUTJOBS in your own right.

So just keep it up, keep bashing the ones trying to Keep America Great and defending your right to a free press, your own freedom of speech and a Constitution that is perfect for true Democracy to thrive.

In the open—for all to see.

Slowly, some of us will just give up trying. The rest of us will fight for you—even though you hate us—until the very end. But yeah, just keep beating up on the media trying their human best to do the job the Founding Fathers told us we should do to keep America free.

And, oh, Republicans? Fuck YOU.

This is your brain on Trump!

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