Dear Friend,

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

As one of the 3.6 million plus readers of AndThatsTheNews, I want to thank you again for your readership and your loyalty for the last few years.

You have given me a gift I value greatly—your interest in my little writing hobby—and I will not be soon forgetting it.

LIVEfrom1600 shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to you if you were a regular reader of AndThatsTheNews. I’m sure you could tell I was getting more and more motivated to give you my own checks and balances on that orange orangutan—especially when the other GOP candidates started dropping out of the race one by one.

I was very disappointed to see John Kasich go—because he was the only one that showed an intellectual side. And then the worst possible thing happened: Hair Trumpenfuhrer actually won the General Election.

Write-in voting is a right.

You should know, however, that I did what I promised I would do: I did a write-in for Kasich on election day, knowing it wouldn’t make a difference—except as I have fallen asleep every night since early November!

I have been warning you about this bloated, loudmouth bastard for almost a year—and I think I had pretty much predicted the kind of small-minded man he would be in the White House (despite his big talk). What totally surprised me was, that so many people couldn’t see what I saw; and I thought it was so obvious!

It’s so crappy to be stuck with you.

Yup, the country is stuck with this moron for almost another four years. We can only pray that he doesn’t do something that will get us all killed or be put into a position where we have to kill someone else!

If there is one thing we know for sure about the guy, it’s that we don’t know what the hell he is going to do—other than lie of course (that’s the one thing he does consistently!).

Which brings me to the basic concept behind this new blog…

One of my very best friends has convinced me that there is a need for people to speak out regularly on what the Trumpster and his little minions—the Trumpists—are going to be doing during his first and last term as President. It’s really the embodiment of First Amendment rights. And you know how much I like to flex mine!

So, please, stick with me in this new endeavor. As I have promised you in the past, I will again promise you now to keep a watchful eye on this nutcase—and report my thoughts to you about what he’s really doing. Yuppers, I’ve at least figured out that Trump talk typically involves creating a giant distraction—while he goes about the business of doing something no one should be doing!

But, I think you have reasoned that one out for yourself!

As always, please feel free to send me your thoughts and suggestions. I only ask that you use the new email address on this site to communicate with me.

Who knows? Maybe together, we can top AndThatsTheNews in both readership and longevity! After all, how many other blogs have been published for over eight years and attracted over four million readers?

Not many (if there are any others at all)!

So, again, thanks for everything. I hope to see you often, right here, at the new place, 1600. God bless America—and God bless you.

And that’s… it!

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