But Why?

If this blog looks familiar to you, it might be because you have seen its predecessor, AndThatsTheNews™,  which was published continuously since July 2008.

ATTN™ had over three million readers in 207 countries and territories around the world when I paused my writing the day after the general election.

The rules have changed!

They sure have. AndThatsTheNews™ “Random Commentary; the news uncensored” was determined to present analysis, ideas and solutions to everyday issues as fairly as possible—while maintaining a thoughtful and civil tongue. Well, screw that!

I warned you…

About the change in tone—of everything—if Trump was put into the White House. And now, my predictions have come true, one hundred percent! I also told you I would change the name and writing style of this blog if he was elected.

So, this new approach is what you see here.

I’m not pulling any punches and you can expect me to match the ferocity and, possibly, the vitriol now coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. With only one difference:

There will be NO LYING here!

And that is the primary reason for the change: several respected fact checking groups have discovered that only four percent of what Donald Trump says is the truth! FOUR percent!!

This cannot go unanswered and, frankly, I don’t think I can be nice about it anymore. So, if you are as thin-skinned as Hair Trumpenfuhrer, it’s probably best for you to leave now!

That’s right, get OUT of my blog and go BACK to whatever you came from!

We’re building a wall here!

It’s a wall of truth to protect us from all of the lies, the propaganda and the blatant attempts by the current administration to usurp reality from this beloved country of ours.

So, come with me on LIVEfrom1600—if you dare—and we’ll explore the walking mental illness that is Donald Trump!

Yes, this is your brain on Trump.

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