Bad things are Comeying…

It’s Mueller Time!

With the revelation that a sitting President is, almost certainly, a felon, there is nothing but confusion about what Trump did, how he did it, and what’s going to be done about it, I feel as though I must caution you about listening to conjecture—to the point of conspiracy—and misinterpreting the process of how America works, i.e. the Constitutional ramifications of where we are right now and where we’re going to be in the near future.

There are many sides.

No, the sky is not falling …and our country will continue to be a country—the great country it was before Republicans tried to tear it down so they could make it great again.

But things are going to change—and the changes may be drastic, if not stunning.

Nevertheless, I’ve been astonished by what I’ve been reading in the media, the “alt-media” and, especially, on social media.

As a former member of what, today, has been labeled the “mainstream media,” I must side with facts and reason. I don’t believe in the newly-termed “alternative facts,” simply because facts are, well, facts!

The truth.

The Constitution is our Bible, so to speak. And it does not have a mechanism to have a “do over” for a questionable election! So, stop saying that! The Founders used the idea of an Electoral College to dampen any issues with the popular vote, once the individual states certified their polling results.

It was Alexander Hamilton who was concerned about the intelligence of the average American, which is why we have the college in the first place.

Unfortunately, this method also allows someone to “game the system” by using small areas of the country to overthrow the vast majority of the whole of the nation (see this article from Pew).

Who’s next?

What we do have, however, is a line of succession should a top executive fall into ill repute. But, what happens when a President, Vice President and Speaker of the House are all dirty with high crimes and misdemeanors? The line goes waaaaay down the list of possible replacements (even down to Ben Carson)!

Until the next election in 2020, we are stuck with this line.

The key here is, the Founders believed the country cannot be ruined within the time span of only four years. This is going to be the ultimate test of our Republic.

Will it take another four years—or longer—to repair the damage already done, along with additional damage inflicted to the nation before the Republicans are removed from power? Let’s hope the Founders were right, nothing is permanent and we can return America to sanity.


Twitter is awash with Republican denial on full throttle and conspiracy theorists with clear cut positioning, to what end, I have no clue. And these social media plot promoters even attack each other’s credibility! Some of them work as a team to promulgate their conspiracy theory over another’s.

Let’s take a look at just some of the players competing for your attention and your thinking

With Twitter “superstars” like Sarah Kendzior (@sarahkendzior), Eric Garland (@ericgarland), Louise Mensch (@LouiseMensch), Claude Taylor (@TrueFactsStated), John Schindler (@20committee), Yashar Ali (@Yashar) and others, some of whom purport to be part of U.S. Intelligence Community, the battle rages on as each pushes competing theories with what’s happening “behind the scenes” at the White House, with the Russians, the FBI, the intelligence community and other, far-reaching connections to Trump.

I have a tendency to shy away from these self-styled, amateur online “investigators” posing as “journalists” but, it’s difficult to resist them—for a good laugh. 

The “tell” is, often, if they are questioned, these internet warriors won’t answer, attack you for asking, issue responses unconnected with your question, post a questionable article from a questionable source, post an earlier tweet of theirs or give you the standard “look it up!”

Well, you know me; I have looked it up for myself and found just how insane they can be. What a waste of my time!

And while some of them might have some real facts, there’s a very good chance they are reaching questionable, if not completely loony, conclusions.

And that’s why they’re not in the media!

Another commonality among them: they all fault the media for “not getting it” or getting it wrong or getting it too late or outright blaming the media for where we are—as if voters matter none.

Reliable sources.

I instead rely on who I consider to be responsible sources to analyse for myself just “what the hell is going on.” And as I have warned in earlier articles, you shouldn’t get your news from Twitter! The above examples should be enough to convince you the farce—and the FakeNews—is strong on social media.

However, in another department, it’s truly amazing to see the availability of some people discussing openly their knowledge and sharing expertise! Names like Lawrence Tribe (@tribelaw) the preeminent Constitutional expert, Alan Dershowitz (@AlanDersh) famed criminal attorney, Robert Reich (@RBReich) economist extraordinaire, Preet Bharara (@PreetBharara) former U.S Attorney General for the New York District, Eric Schneiderman (@AGSchneiderman) the current New York State Attorney General, and Colonel Morris Davis (@ColMorrisDavis) the former Chief Prosecutor at Guantanamo Bay—all of them true patriots and “in the know.”

I follow all of these folks—and other reliable sources—happy to “listen in” on what they have to say. I also follow numerous real journalists and several members of Congress—for the vitamins, of course—along with some official sources like the FBI, NASA and the U.S. Central Command for military news, for example.

I highly recommend that you make well considered and prudent choices when using social media. The “nutjobs” are so very good at convincing tens of thousands of followers they have “inside” information that seldom pans out—or is so general, it’s like a fortune teller reading your palm!

After all, a broken clock tells the correct time twice a day….

The real media.

You’ve heard my admonitions on getting news and information from reliable and verified sources—which is why I subscribe to the reporting of the Associated Press, Reuters, BBC News and some others, through which I, myself, keep tabs on the world.

With the notable exception of FoxNews which, as I have repeatedly said, is not real news, I also monitor the major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, MSNBC), those that have their own bureaus, for a veritable smorgasbord of information that can be trusted for the first draft of history.

Sadly, there are even some “journalists” that are featured on real media, espousing totally nutjob disinformation. And, without a doubt, there are even some folks that were in high positions who now shill for the alt-right, destroying any credibility they might have once had.

It’s difficult to believe there are thousands of famous people on the Russian payroll but, it sure seems like it! Every single day, I discover a new false narrative being pushed into the public discourse by someone you might think wouldn’t—or shouldn’t—be doing that.

The future.

If you’ve been reading my articles, you know that I am convinced there is a traitor in the Oval Office. And many, if not all, of his henchmen (and women!) are dirty as pigs! This cadre of contentious criminals, I believe, will be outed and outnumbered by the real Patriots in our government in the future. It’s not going to be pretty. But, it’s going to be pretty good when their treason is exposed and a lot of them will be sent to prison.

Don’t hold your breath anticipating anything to happen quickly!

This is certainly the biggest crime syndicate ever seen in the history of the United States. One that has infiltrated our government at the highest levels—and one that has, undoubtedly, tried to cover their tracks expertly, thinking they could actually get away with hijacking Democracy!

They won’t.

Those that are investigating, with the authority to do so, are going to ferret out the weasels and bring them to justice. The leader of today’s untouchables, former FBI Director and current special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, has assembled a dream team of investigators that, judging by their qualifications and previous prosecutions, is going to raze this unAmerican mafioso to the ground.

In the meantime, every last one of us has to have faith in our Constitution and those that have taken an oath to uphold and defend it—and are still true to their oaths.

What we have learned.

I believe it was Maya Angelou who said, “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them!” or something to that effect. The contemporary version of this would be “Real eyes, Realize, Real lies.” There is no question in my mind that little Donny Trump showed us from day one what he was all about.

And there were many learning experiences along the way as he campaigned for president.

So when we learned he bankrupted a casino and wasn’t an honest businessman in dozens if not hundreds or thousands of deals, why on earth didn’t anyone believe their own eyes? Oh, right, the “pivot”—and that little fact of President BLACK GUY being so “horrible!”

I think we’ve also learned that voting means something. And I also think there’s going to be a renaissance in politics; one where more people care than don’t care. And that’s a good thing, as Martha Stewart says. Just do me a favor, America… don’t ever vote for a Republican again. In any race. For any elected office. Anywhere.

Republicans, every last one of them who voted for little Donny, are complicit in this treason—and all because of their hatred for President Obama that was once not-so-well hidden but now mainstream and out of the closet.

Really America?

I tried as hard as I could to warn you about all of this going to happen. And I wasn’t alone, either! But, those wearing Chinese-made, foil-lined Red Hats were so determined to undo anything that BLACK President in our WHITE House that they threw their country—and themselves—under the bus.

The Freedom Bus, no less!

I’m not a violent man, if only because I’m a coward and don’t like to be hit, but I will admit I’ve had to restrain myself in public when I hear radical, extremist, Republican nutjobs complaining about the current state of the nation (under Trump!) or, almost comically, worried about losing their health insurance coverage under Trumpcare! I am, literally, considering carrying my Chicago Cubs baseball bat with me and smashing in a few skulls before it’s all over!

Bigly savings over going to a professional therapist, there.

The reckoning is nigh. Yes, the big bat, Robert Mueller is a-comeying! Don’t worry; the revelation revolution will be broadcast—in high definition! Buy lots of popcorn, bake an incredible chocolate cake and remember to pay your cable bill.

Because we’re all going to be edumacated in the American legal system, at its highest levels!

One thing is for sure, though: there are going to be the Red Hats who refuse to stop drinking the Republican Kool-Aid. Beware of them; they are dangerous! Find out who they are, where they are, and stay far away from them as they will lash out at you.

Protect your children from them. Protect yourself.

This is your brain on Trump!

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