Rock and a harder place

Working together?

Are you friggin’ kidding me? The suggestion from both sides of the aisle for the two, disparate parties to “work together” now is the biggest scam of the Trumpster’s administration, excepting that treasonous Russian money laundering thing, of course, so far!

A blood bath.

Republicans wanted a blood bath when, on day one of the first Obama administration, they vowed—the very afternoon of his taking the oath of office—to obstruct and interfere with anything and everything he wanted to do.

Well, they lost that battle.

Two Obama terms’ worth.

And now, they want to make nice—because they’ve realized with the defeat of their own Trumpcare measure that they can’t win! This may not even be their last dirty little trick, either!

So, beware of these jackals.

Oh, they’ve shut down the Federal government twice in a tantrum of determination to simply “get their way.” And recently, they’ve been gutting our protections from companies that are only interested in their own profits—with no ethical standards of right or wrong for the health of The People or our nation’s resources.

Dereliction of duty.

They’ve been derelict—and proud of it—to consider a replacement for the late Antonin Scalia—even though Obama did the responsible thing of nominating a perfectly qualified moderate that had previously been approved by the nutjobs.

They wanted to deny Obama of his Constitutional responsibilities and requirements, no doubt to, at a later date, blame him for an unbalanced Supreme court, and to make sure that their man was embedded in place (no way it was going to be a woman!), just like gerrymandering the vote.

And the radical right complains about “activist judges” when they make Constitutional rulings not to their liking! Constitutionally is what the Founders obsessed on—and the courts are what we rely on to enforce law!

These Republicans repeatedly accused the former President of criminal activity—and still are—to minimize the Executive branch and destroy confidence in the office itself (as if Nixon, a Republican, didn’t already do that)—from murder to wiretapping without due process to treason—and dozens of other, lesser infractions—without a speck of evidence, I might add.

Fake Cues

The outrage over the Constitutional powers of the Executive to make orders is just more crocodile tears. As if the Bushes or the revered Ronald Reagan didn’t use them voraciously. And what of the almost daily edicts of the current so-called President? No outrage of power abuses there!

That has got to be because of that black man in the White House was, well, a black man.

I misspoke.

Republicans didn’t lose A battle. History has recorded that they have lost hundreds of battles they picked with this “community organizer” whom they used to deride. But this guy was pretty “organized” against their attacks!

And there has not been a single apology for anything they’ve done or said–to the former President or to us, the country.

Not one, you bastards.

Help! Please help!

Oh yes. Now the Republicans are crying for help from the Democrats to undo everything they’ve accomplished, despite seemingly insurmountable odds of beating those ridiculous radicals on the right side of the aisle as they relentlessly pounded our common sense!

Don’t. Do. It!

This isn’t a battle. This is a war! It’s a test of wills for those who want to do something for the country versus those who are trying to stop the country from moving forward.

Republicans are actually trying to take us backwards, to a time when the nation was suffering from an onslaught of white supremacy legislation in command—save one brave Navy vet from Massachusetts, a Democrat, killed by an ultra right wing, communist wanna be.

It’s a TRAP!

Do NOT mistake the conditions of the battlefield here! The true “enemy of the people” are bruised and bleeding, because of their own incompetence—and this olive branch is just another one of their tricks!

Don’t you fall for it!

This is the Democrats’ chance to decimate their opponents and kick them out of the very war that they started with you—and The People of the United States of America.

Kill them all!

There is nothing Democrats can do to the country that cannot be repaired later, if need be. But, Republicans don’t want to fix anything or build anything or create anything new. That’s why they are so dangerous!

No, Republicans want to destroy, scorched earth style, everything the liberals have done—not because they are bad ideas or policies but, because “the libs” did them!

This is a bona fide mental illness presenting as clearly as the sun shines every morning from the east.

An aversion to science!

Look, God is just fine with me. But, He wants us to use our feeble little noggins to think things out, make righteous decisions and act as responsible custodians to His planet. And you can go straight to hell if you believe that God is the Chief Scientist of the Universe.

After all, science is the invention of the Lord.

Imagine a world without the human science of clean water, sewerage advancements, the science of today’s agriculture to feed The People, the space based technology to monitor our heavens for the weather affecting the entire planet, and even that fucking phone Hair Trumpenfuhrer uses to sow discord and hatred among his minions of the less fortunate.

And especially those who don’t look like your average Republican!

Make America Smart Again!

Democrats, don’t be so quick to get hoodwinked by the people who have been beating on you—and the rest of us—for over eight years! Take a lesson from the history of human warfare and know that you must vanquish your enemies to maintain a long term peace in the land!

A white flag?

If you think that you should never kick a man when he’s down, because he may get back up, you’re totally wrong! That is the time to maim your enemy so that they can never start their fight with you again!

Good ol’ Abe.

And that’s when you bind the nation’s wounds and bring the prodigals back into the family. After they’ve been fully defeated and now need you to survive!

Maybe a little lesson in humility for the egotistical, uncaring and self-important promoters of their philosophy, “heal thyself,” will be a good thing.

Don’t you dare put down your sword and shield until you see the pain in the whites of the Republicans’ eyes and can tell—for sure—that they are truly ready to be a Patriot FIRST!

This is your brain on Trump!

Ryan Learns About The Constitution

“Law Of The Land”

Yes, Mr. Speaker, the law of the land is how the Constitution works! Republicants were stunned that they couldn’t muster—among themselves—the necessary votes to overturn the law of the Affordable Healthcare Act with threats, doomsday deceptions, lies, and the will of The People!

It’s not the first time.

The stupid party has tried to undo what they call Obamacare some fifty times now. But, the kicker is that, even with both houses of Congress and a so-called Republican President, they still can’t do it!

It’s pretty satisfying to see the system does work for The People—this time. For Republicants also learned that trying to destroy something that is good for The People, albeit not “perfect” as Ryan likes to say, makes them look heartless (as if they are aren’t heartless!), cruel, imbecilic and just plain mean.

The right wing nutjobs…

Aren’t as stupid as their leaders think they are! Faced with the loss of things that females, seniors, children and the mentally ill need to live their lives in a basic fashion, they mounted a campaign to threaten their legislators back—in the mid-term elections.

Good for them. And good for the country!

Oddly, those Obama haters have shown their true colors and have come to realize that BLACK GUY did something right—and we just can’t afford to lose it!

What we learned.

Here’s the BIG surprise for Republicans: they can’t strongarm or threaten their way into legislating the laws of the United States of America! Indeed, the “enemy of the people” media still have some sway—and the modern-day equivalent of the town crier (social media) do have the tremendous power that Hair Trumpenfuhrer wielded to win a presidential election.

And, it still does!

This time, however, that power worked against them. They were pressured into pulling out because, 1. the ACA isn’t that bad, 2. women need it (and have needed it for a long time!) and, 3. OLD people still have a voice in this union.

The fact that demolishing the ACA would wreck tons of poor, white Republican families shouldn’t be lost in this equation, either, i.e. you can’t screw the blacks without screwing a bunch of whites. This is a great lesson for those holier-than-thou bastards to learn!

I hope they did.

And I hope this revolution continues into the future, affecting even more ridiculous plans to sideswipe the American Dream, turn the nation into a xenophobic isolationist land and separate the masses further into castes that create animosity, blame and, most importantly, hatred.

On a sidenote,

still see arguments about “activist” judges making decisions about what the Trumpster wants to do (see all of the above). Maybe those red hats are a little too tight! These uneducated, unAmerican little shits know nothing about the Constitution.

With their rulings, based on Constitutionality, they are doing exactly what they are supposed to do: provide a check and balance on a would-be dictator trying to legislate by Executive Order!

The sad part, in my not-so-humble-opinion is, they don’t see it.

Even more troubling is the outrage over Obama’s EOs while Trump’s are accepted as perfectly fine. Now that has got to be racism in all of its glory (pardon the wording there). If it’s NOT okay for Obama to use his Constitutional powers and it’s just fine for the Trumpists, how else can you explain that?

Well, you can’t. And that’s the whole point.

This is your brain on Trump!

Al Franken vs. Neil Gorsuch

This time, Franken isn’t Funny!

For all of these years, I’ve not been able to look at Al Franken without imagining him with a satellite dish on his head—from his time on SNL. But now, after watching his cross examination of Neil Gorsuch, I’ve changed my mind.

The eight minute video shows Franken dissecting the “trucker case” that Gorsuch dissented on, while the other Judges’ majority opinion sided with a trucker who sued his company for being fired because he didn’t want to freeze to death in sub-zero weather—after the brakes failed on his trailer and he, responsibly, decided not to drive it on the highway.

The short story.

It was 14 below zero. The trucker’s brakes failed (on the trailer). The heater in the cab didn’t work. He pulled off the road and called his company for help. They told him help would arrive in 15 minutes. He waited but, no help arrived. He then called the company repeatedly, who demanded he remain there, in the freezing cab.

On the verge of death, trucker lost consciousness (Gorsuch called it “sleep”) and two hours later, he awakened—luckily alive—when a family member called him. In a desperate attempt to get warm, he unhooked the faulty trailer and left the scene, returning in less than half an hour. By that time—and almost three hours later—help did arrive.

The trucker was fired for leaving.

He sued. The court decided in his favor and gave that trucker his back pay and his job back (I hope he doesn’t go back to that Republican-led company!). But, Gorsuch sided with the  company. As Franken said during the Gorsuch interview, he has a knack for ferreting out “absurdity” for his comedy routines. But, at his confirmation hearing, Gorsuch argued that “there are plenty of decisions he made in favor of ‘the little guy.'”

The little guy.

That is the problem!

The Supreme court cannot work on the law of averages when it comes to right and wrong. But, Gorsuch maintains that he was right in the trucker case, to this day! And although Franken did say he was never a lawyer, his questioning was intelligent, lucid, logical, rational and—most of all—reasonable.

Twitter War

Remember Steve Carlson, the without-a-chance loser candidate for President? He also lost against Franken for the Senate— and he’s still trying to fight that contest with a grudge he can’t shake! Well, Carlson decided to start a war with me on Twitter! Still a loser, fighting with little old me!

I had posted “Okay, I just watched the 8 minutes of Al Franken reviewing the Gorsuch trucker case. Three words sum up Gorsuch: LESS THAN HONEST. Fire him!” Carlson Tweeted me back about the company telling the driver to stay there—because help was on the way in fifteen minutes!

And Carlson attacked again, citing the legal brief with a link to it. I didn’t bother to go it, because Franken read Gorsuch’s brief out loud—and Gorsuch confirmed that’s what he wrote—so, no need to read it!

Read the dissent at @alfranken is utterly clueless, needs Nathan Hartshorn to defend him.”

Instead, I Tweeted back, “Watch the #video, use your #brain instead of being told #whattothink! WSJ says #fakepresident. That’s #truth.”

Instantly, I got a reply where Carlson argued that the trucker slept for two hours.

Drive (sic) SLEPT for over two of those hours. Dumb!”

It’s a silver platter!

I’m sure you can guess my response: “Read your OWN Tweet! 15 minutes turned into HOURS. Jesus Christ! Glad you’re not President!”

Still seated at his computer, Carlson took a few minutes—this time—to craft his simpleton response: “The guy SLEPT! Didn’t report any problems with the heater! Trucker irresponsible. Company right!

So, I pursued his stupidity.

“Thanks for the proof you’re a moron! 15 minutes is NOT two hours! Trucker RIGHT, Gorsuch WRONG!”

Again, an instant response, this time repeating his earlier argument about the company sending help in 15 minutes!

Well, that was it. This idiot was totally wasting my time! So, as is the fashion today, led by our feckless President, I went after him personally.

“#Nutjob, you are. Worse than Trump and a LOSER”

He responded, again, instantly. “trucker WRONG. Gorsuch RIGHT!” And then, he deleted all of his Tweets to me and my responses to him! His timeline is now devoid of any conversation with me whatsoever. Of course, I still have them!

The score.

I would say that 1. he lost that exchange, 2. he’s covering his ass because he lost that exchange, and, 3. he ran into the line of fire, naked, only to lose that exchange! I suppose he thought “it’s only a guy on Twitter” but, he should have looked at my bio.

Easy peezy!

I didn’t even have to use any of my newsman skills to thrash this confirmed loser! And the fact that he erased the conversation I think speaks volumes about his honesty. Well, only half of it is gone Stevie! And now, the whole truth has been told here on LIVEfrom1600. I will be making sure that the search engines find this entry and it will live on for eternity online.

When this dickhead tries to run for office again, this incident will come up—again and again! I will see to it that it does. Will it make a difference in the world? I can’t tell at this point. But, his stupidity is obvious! The fact that he charged forward with replies that contradicted himself in the same sentence should be obvious! And the fact that he deleted the evidence (well, half of it) is also quite telling!

Hey, he started it!

And there’s really no finishing it. I think I’ll follow him (@SteveWCarlson) to monitor his tendency to be a dolt! He’s going to be my new hobby! Carlson is going to be, I think, a great source of humor, of the stupid kind!

It’s not entirely Carlson’s fault, though. He’s suffering from Republicitis—maintaining his arguments after they’ve been debunked and proven to be “alternative facts!” The new Trumpcare plan will eliminate treatment for mental health problems so, Carlson is stuck with this disease!

This is your brain on Trump!

The “Death Panel” has ruled

The Panel is the House!

Yes, the prophesy is coming true. Not from the ACA but, from the new Trumpcare. Adding to the Trumpcare proposal to kill Seniors is the so-called President’s budget plan calling for stopping assistance for housing, Medicare, energy.

And even food!

There are many seniors living in HUD housing, most of whom are alive thanks to Medicare, receiving stipends to pay their heating and air conditioning bills, and either Meals-on-Wheels delivery or food stamps, otherwise known as SNAP.

Just DIE already!

Eliminate these programs and the cost will be tallied in lives.

People lives.

It will certainly save money when all of these old farts are dead. They will no longer be a burden on society and the monies distributed by Social Security will be retained by the government.

“Obamacare” problem solved!

Except of course for the families of these old coots who love them—and want them alive! Trumpcare and the cuts to these other programs will affect everyone and are, in the very least, inhumane if not morally deficient.

Dead babies.

I thought Republicans were pro-life. Not true, apparently! There are a lot of families, many of them poor whites (a large Republican base) who also get these services—especially healthcare—who will suffer the slings and arrows of Trumpcare and the removal of these life-sustaining programs.

And what happens when babies start dying from malnutrition or freezing to death or lack of medicines and access to doctors? It will be the Trump and the Republicans’ fault and the responsibility of those GOP voters who approved of their heartless methods (they knew what the plan was!).

I know what they’ll say.

We’ve already heard the head of a right-wing “FakeNews” website—who had the gall to call himself a journalist—blame the drawbacks of the Trumpcare plan on “Obamacare” …because those enrolled in ACA were “setup” by having it in the first place!

Now, that really is your brain on Trump.

It’s early on in the Trumpcare disaster of destroying the tens of millions insured through the ACA but, Republicans are already trying to weasel out of taking the responsibility for their sins.

Lots of Trump voters.

Boy, what a surprise it’s going to be when they realize their hero screwed them big league! On second thought, it’s in vogue to blame anyone else (read that “libtards”) for their own failures. Or they just won’t believe it (FakeNews!).

In a word, sad.

And speaking of retards (notice it starts with “re” as in “publicans”), their own leadership will not be held responsible! And they will create some other excuse to blame anyone but themselves.

It’s their way!

The Constitution has no counsel on stupidity so, we are all at risk for these Republican death panels to be established in additional areas.

Who needs clean water?

You have to look for the motivation behind almost everything Republicans do. In one case, cutting the budgets for essential controls by regulations on clean water is something that should be suspect.

Could it be that, somewhere, in some Capitol conference room, there have been GOP discussions that concluded Americans could simply buy their water from bottlers—and that would be perfectly acceptable?

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit!

Food and drugs too?

Really? They don’t want safe to eat food or safe to use drugs? I’ll say that again… Really?

What the hell are they thinking? Maybe this is just another extension of killing people off early.

Mid-air collisions.

Republicans want to cut air traffic controllers. As a matter of fact, they want to eliminate the whole system of controlled air space—except around Mar-A-Lago, of course.

Man, if you think airplane travel is scary now, wait until you’re in a pressurized tube some half mile up—landing or taking off (where 90% of accidents happen)—and your pilot is playing chicken with another jumbo jet because the Republicans got rid of those overpriced guys on the ground keeping all of the planes a safe distance from each other!

Didn’t think about that, did you! Well, you had better start.

Better buy flood insurance!

And you better have a second home somewhere else—because the Republicans want to gut FEMA. I’ll bet the very first flooding emergency will bring screams of outrage, from Republican victims—and their families!

No, it’s your fault!

It’s generally true that few blame George W. Bush for allowing the 9-11 attacks to happen—because he wasn’t in office for long when they occurred. In this one instance, I agree with the Trumpster that Bush was responsible—because he was warned something like that was about to happen before he took the oath!

And nine months isn’t a short period of time (ask any mom!).

It’s God’s “Death Panel!”

That’s what they’ll say! “It’s God punishing the gays!” Republican gays. They’re everywhere—check your closet for one or more. Better start with the homosexual pedophiles in Congress! That is where you are sure to find them.

You’re probably troubled by all of this, or you should be! But, I’ll address these—and more—in future writings. After all, your mental health coverage is about to go away with Trumpcare my right-wing, fickle friends.

This is your brain on Trump!

Do the Math

A logical train of thought.

There has been a lot of news coverage and speculation about the motives behind falsely accusing former President Obama of wiretapping the Trump building in Manhattan.

I can’t suggest an answer but, I have considered the facts and calculated a couple things that make sense of the whole affair.


1. We know the intelligence services of the United States routinely monitor the communications of dangerous criminal parties, potential threats to our national security and known enemies of state for years.

Anyone that doesn’t know this is as dumb as a box of rocks.

2. Since the Nixon era—and the establishment of the FISA Court—an actual Judge must approve the monitoring process, after being presented a reasonable suspicion that something “very bad” is going on—and must be covertly monitored.

3. Those courts, keeping our secrets well, secret, issue those warrants and our guys—the good guys—set out to protect all of us from harm by tracking the bad guys.

All of the above are perfectly fine in my view—especially given the fact we live in a time where real terrorists fly planes into buildings and plan horrendous displays of death and destruction. And other governments do their very best to interfere with Democracy, as we know it.

The Trump Tapes.

With absolutely not a speck of evidence, The Donald, Tweet-storming the weekend before last from his gold toilet in Mar-A-Lago, admitted to everyone that he has been snared in the net long established to catch Russians doing nefarious things.

By first trying to pin the tail on some other donkey, the Jackass-In-Chief demanded an investigation and then backing off (by asking Congress to do his dirty work), he’s acting as guilty as the proverbial puppy sitting next to a pile of poo. But, logic dictates the simplest explanation of what really happened is the most viable.

Holy Crap! They know!

We have to assume that Trump realized something he said in private is now common knowledge—and he came to the conclusion that any paranoid would: it’s gotta be that black guy! 

Oh yes, old racist habits are hard to break!

Putting aside that bigoted bastard’s twisted reasoning for a moment, though, what we have to consider is, why did the National Security Agency overhear what was said by the Trump campaign’s conversations!?

What remains must be… the truth!

The logical answer, is that the Trump campaign was in communication with the people the intelligence services are monitoring.

Yes, those bad guys I was talking earlier about!

We have a sitting President that, by the error of admission, has implicated himself in an obvious collusion with enemies: foreign.

Never mind the fact 721 Fifth Avenue wasn’t bugged. What we’ve got is enemy communications’ monitoring that clearly show Trump was in contact with them! And we don’t really need more “evidence,” per se; we have a confession by TrumpTweet!


Go, ahead, hair boy: throw a tantrum! Point your finger. Scream and yell! Accuse Obama in your paranoia-induced fantasy. You’ve been caught consorting with the enemy. And you’ve admitted—on Twitter, no less—that you know you were being recorded!

“This call may be monitored or recorded.”

Honest to God, are you telling me Trump didn’t know that our intelligence services are using high tech monitoring in an effort to keep our country safe?

Oh, that’s riiight, silly me.

Putting “intelligence” and “Trump” in the same sentence is a yuuge mistake!

I personally think this incident does, indeed, fall into the category of “high crimes or treason.” And that, my orange-faced fathead, is why you should be impeached. As you are fond of saying, let’s file those charges of impeachment, get the facts before a jury of the Senate and decide whether or not you face removal from office—or a firing squad!

Think of the ratings—and the profit, Donald—if we were to broadcast your death on Pay-Per-View! The host would have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. And I’d pay to see that!

This is your brain on Trump!

Ground Control To Major Tom…

Trump is taxing, all right!

With the forced release of some of Trump’s taxes by the very White House—in an effort to take the wind out of Rachel Maddow’s sails—we have finally learned something important about this so-called billionaire: He only made $153 million in 2005.

That’s no moon!

Granted, to you and me, that would be beaucoup bucks but, I’ll tell you this: I wouldn’t be able to afford a 757 on that pittance. That means something is going on in the background that indicates he’s hiding money from the Internal Revenue Service somewhere!

I demand an investigation of this lying blowhard for tax evasion!

“I’m really rich.”—FakeNews

Focus people!

Everyone is missing the important story here. Yes, Trump only paid 25% on his taxable income—and it was ten years ago—but, the literal bottom line here is, he’s not as rich as he says he was, over and over ad infinitum!

Yeah, he can afford coverage in the new Republican Trumpcare plan but, as President, he gets healthcare for free. And he’ll have it for the rest of his life!

So, let’s tally up another lie!

And while we’re at it, let’s point out that he said many times during the campaign that he would release his returns (“…I’ll produce my tax returns, absolutely and I would love to do that” is the quote from October 2016).

But, just last month, he said—because he won the election—that he’s not going to release them, even after the IRS is done with him, his patent excuse for keeping them a secret in the first place. What he is most likely hiding is the truth about his charitable contributions, i.e. little or none.

Just like his promises to pay vendors and contractors, he’s breaking another one, this time, with the American people. He won’t be hurting us as much as the companies he put out of business or the families he destroyed when he raped their businesses but, there is one thing he has done—and that’s proven once again, he’s not to be trusted.

In the taking credit for things he can’t department, the White House spin cites all of the sales taxes and employment taxes he had to pay. Well, we all pay sales taxes and those employment taxes his spokespeople mention were monies taken out of his employee’s paychecks.

What guile this bastard has!

Trump’s word is worth shit.

As a matter of fact, shit may be worth more! Me, I couldn’t care less about his taxes now that I know Michael Bloomberg was absolutely right about him not being a billionaire. But, I do care about a President of the United States of America being trustworthy.

We sure don’t have that in Donald F. Trump. That’s not a typo, either. And you know what the F stands for!

Americans are wrestling, and have been for some time, with how dishonest their government is. Here’s your answer—and this latest deception from President Pussygrabber doesn’t play well with me. I didn’t vote for him, of course. But, those who did are responsible for this so-called man being in office.

If Trumpcare passes—and that’s a huge if—I don’t know if I can stop myself from punching a Republican in the face if I hear one peep of complaining when their healthcare costs go through the roof.

That wouldn’t be fair for me to put someone in the hospital when they can’t afford to pay for it, after all. Yes, my friends…

This is your brain on Trump!


Like an obstreperous child.

I really can’t stand inconsistency—or liars. And Hair Trumpenfuhrer is the best at being totally unreliable with what he says. Here’s the short list—but there are many many more! In no particular order of importance:

The news media.

Ya know, for someone that claims they hate the news media, he sure does watch a lot of it! And while screaming from the mountaintops that everything is “fake news” when he doesn’t like what they report, he certainly changes his tune when it comes to “hoaxes” he can use to promote just how great he is.

In three words, “the jobs report.”

It seems he wants to be the only all seeing, all knowing expert! Ludicrous, since he clearly has a limited grasp of reality!

Nuclear weapons.

Trump “thinks” he can use nuclear weapons just like any other weapon; he once asked why we can’t use them to “wipe out” our enemies! And he is in favor of arming nations that currently don’t have them (like Japan).

Oh my GOD, is this a scary thought!

So, what happens when Breitfart publishes a fakenews story about North Korea planning on attacking Los Angeles next week? Will he try to nuke Pyongyang first in a preemptive strike? Will the U.S. military chiefs intervene and stop him from starting a nuclear war?

You see, a nuclear exchange is going to be just that—an exchange. It’s kind of difficult in a war to know who did what in any given time frame, excepting with the 20-20 vision of looking back at what really happened! Even then we might never know! Is there a check and balance in using that nuclear football?

I fucking hope so!

I trust our uniformed nuclear custodians to have more sense than that—and to have a backbone to stand up against the madness of our favorite orange orangutan!


While Agent Orange apparently likes to dissuade any investigation of him by claiming a false narrative of things that didn’t happen, will we give up on the real stuff that is actually important?

Like the fact his own administration has real ties to Russian interference and his businesses have real ties to money laundering by the Iranian Republican Guard?

I fucking hope not!

He complains about “fairness” but, really, is he fair? And is it fair to the country to not prosecute this administration for its unconstitutional orders and its felonious behavior?

In the words of Mitch McConnell, “Uh no.”


Yes, Donald, we are going to call it Trumpcare—because that’s what it is! In the same way W. Bush was blamed for the 911 attacks and Obama blamed for the Russian invasion of Crimea, because they were in office at the time, it is Trump who is responsible for promoting, engineering and ultimately approving any repeal of the Romneycare health plan a.k.a. the Affordable Care Act.

And while the true cost of this horrendous wading into such an important part of our lives hasn’t yet been even estimated, much less analysed in real life, there are many indications the Republican plan won’t work—and, here’s the irony, it will affect the Republicans that voted for Trump the worst!

You get what you vote for (with apologies to Joseph de Maistre)!


Our Founding Fathers were all over this, because they knew it was a bad idea to hand out powers to family and friends. And yet, at the highest levels of the Trump administration, there are people with access to the Liar-in-Chief that is unprecedented since the beginning of our nation.

How’s that Making America Great thing going so far?

In my not so humble opinion (IMNSHO), I don’t see much legislating going on; all I see is dictatorial rulings being made by Executive Order. Wait just a minute here! Isn’t that the biggest sales point Republicants used to slander the Obama White House? Well, you can’t bitch and moan about them doing it and then do it yourself!

Oh no you can’t!


Yeah, I just wanted to say it again so the search engines will focus on it! We all need to focus on Trumpcare—because it’s not a new plan; it’s the old plan, butchered by incompetent, extremist, right-wing nutjob legal surgeons—who also want to limit the liability of medical practitioners that have botched their jobs bigly.

This is not only a little confusing, it’s irresponsible! I tried my best to do my job well, do it right and get the job done. But, when I screwed up, I didn’t have anyone’s life on the line! They are playing with people’s lives.

Hard to believe, that.

So you thought we couldn’t keep up with you?

Fat chance, fatass! I suppose in Trump’s world, his associates and business partners were flummoxed by all of the new things he would say everyday—to help him get his way and win whatever business deal he was trying to make.

Apparently, we are smarter than they were, because we can keep up—and we can see right through his distractions!

This gives rise—and credence—to the theory that you don’t have to be a genius to be a billionaire. Which means, the “secrets to success” must be something entirely different than smarts!

Could it be your AQ (Asshole Quotient)? Methinks I’m not too far off there.

Not that smart, hair boy!

Yes, our petulant new president’s intelligence is not at all clear. And yes, the idea of Making America Great Again is a flawed one. America is already great! And trying to redefine American ingenuity so you can look good is something not easily done.

It’s unpatriotic to slander American success. And being a Conservative dictates that it also shouldn’t be done! As Ronald Reagan said, we are that shining city on a hill.

And. Don’t. You. Forget. It!

This is your brain on Trump!

Welcome To LIVEfrom1600!

This blog is the natural next step after publishing, for nine years, AndThatsTheNews™.

I can promise you there will be honest—and sometimes scathing—commentary posted on this new blog.


Oh, it just got to the point where that fat orange bastard is driving me nuts with his lies, and his lies, and his lies! I’m going to take him on here …and I hope you will enjoy it!

I know I’m not the first nor am I alone in going this route. That’s okay; the more the merrier!

Wait. What?

Don’t go thinking for a second that I’m pro-DemocRAT ’cause I’m not.

I’m anti-RepubliCANT!

Real Conservatives—like me—know today’s Republicants are radical, extremist right-wing out-of-their-minds NUTJOBS who know nothing and care nothing about the U.S. Constitution. They prove it every single day.

I’m here to make that crystal clear! So, let’s Make America truthful again!

Be a Patriot FIRST.

Fasten your seat belt and hold on—it’s going to be a rocky road!

This is your brain on Trump!